Physician Score Transparency

Physician Score Transparency

What's All This About Transparency?

In Indiana, 750 doctors have agreed to have their “quality” ratings posted on the state’s Health Information Exchange website for easy public access. Thus far the ratings concern only clinical measures, but how long before patient satisfaction scores become part of the scrutiny? For the answer, Google and enter your ZIP Code to see what’s in store for your docs. Add in Medicare’s “transparent” Five Star Quality ratings, and there’ll be plenty of ways for prospective patients to see how your physicians compare with other choices available in your service area. All the more reason to know where you stand, and build an action plan for service excellence as well as medical quality.

Ind. health info exchange: 750 docs OK posting quality scores online

By Joseph Conn
Original Posted: December 4, 2012 - 12:00 pm ET

More than 750 Indiana physicians working at 174 practice sites have agreed to have their clinical quality scores posted publicly on the website for the Indiana Health Information Exchange's Quality Health First program, the IHIE announced.

The website groups by geographic area the publicly available quality reports from participants in the Quality Health First program and includes data on such clinical quality measures as treatment of diabetes, women's and children's healthcare, heart health and respiratory issues. The QHF was started in 2008 as the Indiana Network for Patient Care; it represented a collaboration between the IHIE and the Employers' Forum, a coalition of public and corporate employers, health plans and providers.

"Reporting these quality scores is a significant milestone for physician practices seeking to demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of care provided to patients," IHIE President and CEO Harold Apple said in the release. Gloria Caruthers, director of benefits strategy for Cummins, a Columbus, Ind.-based manufacturer of diesel engines, added: "We are continually identifying new ways to provide our employees with more information that can help them make smart healthcare and lifestyle choices. We plan to encourage employees to use the public reporting site as a resource in their healthcare decision-making process and believe this additional information will be useful and beneficial."

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