“Sit & See” Observations

“Sit & See” Observations provide a trained observer who sits unobtrusively in the reception areas and waiting rooms of a healthcare facility to watch the interaction between staff members and patients. The observer, using a customized checklist, notes the tone of voice and actual words used by staff members as they greet and check patients into the system. The observer watches for patient impressions of how they’re asked for identification, insurance verification, co-payments or other necessary information. In addition, the surroundings (signage; cleanliness; ease of access; and more) as well as other patient “pleasing or displeasing” features/incidents are noted. Each “sit” lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Clients receive the checklist reports with staff member verbatim comments within 24 hours of the “Sit & See” observation. We also call the department supervisor to provide a quick overview of the observation and offer suggestions for who to praise and who to counsel, if needed.