Patient Experience Consulting

Transform the Patient Experience

SullivanLuallin Group works with you to transform the patient experience in six steps, categorized in three phases – Assess, Improve, and Maintain

Six Steps to Transforming the Patient Experience

Top-scoring organizations have used these six steps to create an “extra step” attitude among providers and staff resulting in upper quartile rankings on the SullivanLuallin Group national patient satisfaction survey database.  Each step is essential for involving physicians and employees in a team effort that creates a culture of service.

Phase one:  Assess

Step 1. Conduct a comprehensive service assessment

Step 2. Generate leadership support and establish improvement goals

Phase two:  Improve

Step 3. Create service protocols based on C.L.E.A.R.

Step 4. Deliver customer service quality training programs

Phase three:  Maintain

Step 5. Establish accountability measures

Step 6. Maintain the spotlight on service with recognition and incentives

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