Online Patient Satisfaction Surveys Offer Immediate Feedback

Asking patients their opinion about your medical practice is a great way to learn your service strengths and limitations from a customer perspective. Successful healthcare organizations use satisfaction survey results to improve their services to ensure patient satisfaction.

What’s the best way to get those insights? In the past, many medical practices mailed satisfaction surveys to patients’ homes, usually waiting days or weeks for the response. Often times, surveys never came back at all.

A better option provided by SullivanLuallin Group is the eSurv Online Patient Satisfaction Survey program. This survey method offers immediate real-time feedback, is eco-friendly, and features a multi-language platform. Asking patients for their feedback through a simple online survey allows for a quicker turnaround, and is a surprisingly affordable way to solicit patient opinions.

Practice leaders, reading patient responses online can identify areas in which the group excels or negative issues that need attention. Perhaps patients dislike long waiting times, but appreciate the free wireless access in the reception area. Or responses indicate that your front desk receptionists are courteous, efficient and welcoming, but your telephone call staff are brusque and uncaring. The eSurv® Online Patient Satisfaction Survey reports quickly let you know who to praise and where to intervene if needed.

These days patients are responsible for a larger portion of their healthcare costs. As a result they are more discriminating regarding how they’re greeted and treated by your providers and staff. Surveying patients online and using the results to improve operations and service, ensures patient satisfaction -- a key driver of your group’s success.