SullivanLuallinGroup-NASP Patient Satisfaction Survey

SullivanLuallinGroup (SLG) and the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) have partnered to offer a competitively-priced patient satisfaction survey program to NASP members. In collaboration with NASP, we have developed an industry-accepted standard patient survey to address the unique drivers of patient engagement and satisfaction within the specialty pharmacy field.

In addition to measuring the satisfaction of specialty pharmacy patients, this survey tool will provide consistent satisfaction metrics and reporting to various pharmaceutical manufacturers and payer clients.

Consider the many benefits of the SLG-NASP survey program:

  • Understand how patients view your specialty pharmacy
  • Learn what patients think of how your staff communicate with them
  • Identify ways to improve satisfaction with actionable data
  • Benchmark your scores with the NASP participating member database
  • Fulfill satisfaction reporting requirements
  • Choose the distribution option that works best for your business: mail or email
  • Adjust the distribution volume and frequency to meet your needs!

Our 2016-2017 NASP Patient Satisfaction Survey data shows specialty pharmacy tops the health care industry in patient satisfaction. Read a full press release on our recent analysis here. View the SLG-NASP patient satisfaction survey by clicking here.

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National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Patient Survey
Hear NASP & the SullivanLuallin Group team discuss the NASP Survey Programs on the Pharmacy Podcast Network:

 A new gold standard for specialty pharmacy assessments…

Today, specialty pharmacies employ a wide variety of survey models and metrics to gauge patient satisfaction. This lack of standardization makes it difficult for payers, patients and pharmacies themselves to adequately assess and compare performance across the industry. The combined expertise of NASP and our organization will be incredibly useful in developing a new gold standard for specialty pharmacy assessments that directly addresses this challenge.

Thomas P. JeffreyPresidentSullivanLuallin Group