Mystery Patient Calls

Your telephones are the portal to your practice – Callers form their critical first impressions at this pivotal point in the patient experience, and everyone needs to be at the top of their game. A mystery patient call assessment is your best tool for digging deeper into the strengths and limitations of your telephone staff.

We work with you to design a customized assessment checklist covering all aspects of the call from greeting to hold time to final disposition. We report on staff courtesy, helpfulness and efficiency whether it’s about an appointment, a prescription refill, or a question for your business office.

Our experienced callers send a full report within 48 hours after completing the calls, describing how well or poorly your phone staff performed. Our summary report includes recommendations for achieving an exceptional telephone experience.

We also have a team of mystery patients who will visit your office. Learn more here!


Objective, professional, effective

We are very happy with the results from the mystery shopper program. The callers were objective, professional, and generated call summary reports that we were able to effectively use to drive improvement in the level of customer service provided by the front desk staff at all of our imaging centers.

Dylan CarrollRadia