Six Steps to Create a Service Culture

Six Steps to Create a Service Culture

We work with top-scoring organizations who use our six step process to rank in the upper quartile of the national database. This process includes satisfaction surveys to assess your service strengths and limitations, proven techniques for improving patient satisfaction, and strategies for maintaining long-term momentum. Transforming the patient experience - it's what we do.

In more than 25 years of helping our clients reach five-star service levels, we've learned that you can't short-change the process – each step is essential for involving physicians and employees in a team effort that puts the patient experience at the heart of your practice plan.

Baseline Service Assessment

Knowing where to go starts with knowing where you are. A baseline service assessment includes patient survey data and direct observation (mystery patient and mystery caller reports), key-person input (interviews and focus groups), and comparing the workplace perceptions of your physicians, managers, and staff (insider engagement surveys).

Deliverable: Data-driven recommendations customized to the issues and challenges confronting your organization.

Leadership Action Plan

People who are involved in building the plan are four times more likely to support it. Our unique process brings key stakeholders together to convert your survey data into a Service Quality Initiative action plan of defined improvement goals, responsibilities, tracking mechanisms, incentives, time-lines, and measurement criteria.

Deliverable: An action plan that engages every member of your organization in a team effort to improve the patient experience before your next survey.

C.L.E.A.R. Service Protocols

Service performance is as important as clinical performance; just as there are clinical guidelines, service protocols communicate performance standards for front-line and support people. Our C.L.E.A.R. Service Model applies simple techniques that, when used routinely, result in increased patient satisfaction and higher survey scores.

  • Connect with patients throughout the encounter
  • Listen actively to patients and caregivers
  • Explain diagnoses, directions and instructions
  • Ask key questions at key times
  • Re-connect with patients before ending each part of the visit

Deliverable: A set of proven behavioral techniques that physicians and staff can use to convey a sense of courtesy, concern and helpfulness to patients and caregivers.

Service Quality Training Seminars

We develop service quality training programs for staff, managers, and providers that are designed to fit your environment. These customized seminars help establish a culture of patient-centered care and exceptional service, leaving employees feeling inspired and primed to participate.

Our C.L.E.A.R. Service Model is delivered through lively and interactive workshops with individual and team exercises, video assist, and group discussions. Participants appreciate our ability to get beyond the concept and focus on techniques they can use with every patient, every day.


Team Incentive Program

Incentives based on team performance achieve better results than rewards for individuals. A cornerstone of five-star Service Quality is an incentive program based on achieving improvement goals for key survey questions, with quarterly awards and company-wide recognition of winners.

Deliverable: A motivational strategy that makes physicians and employees eager to go the extra step for patients, family members, and each other.

Managing for Service Momentum

Too often, Service Quality initiatives fail for lack of continuous attention by practice leaders. Sustained momentum requires a Service Council – with the right people on board – to act as "general contractor" for working with site/department teams on short-term projects to improve specific survey scores, service celebrations, recognition programs and other promotional activities. An effective Council keeps the focus on Service Quality as a continuing way of doing business.

Deliverable: An ongoing momentum strategy for creating and sustaining a service culture in your organization.