Customer Service Training Programs

We deliver healthcare customer service training programs for staff, managers, and providers designed to fit your needs.

Our customized programs establish a culture of patient-centered care and exceptional service, motivating and inspiring care team members to go the “extra step. Lively and interactive workshops introduce all members of the care team to the C.L.E.A.R. model of service protocols used by highly rated healthcare organizations nationwide.  Physicians as well as managers and staff appreciate our ability to get beyond the concept and focus on techniques they can use with every patient, every day.

"The Art of Evidence-Based Medicine" for Physicians

With payer focus on better outcomes, lower cost, and higher patient satisfaction, it’s vital that providers have the knowledge and skills to ensure a more positive patient experience. This program sheds light on the correlations between how patients rate their care experience on satisfaction surveys and their likelihood of complying with their treatment plan and willingness to recommend the provider.

Program Content: (1.5 hours)

  • REVIEW of the implications of Affordable Care Act on providers
  • REVIEW of results of a linear regression analysis that identifies survey items most predictive of overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend
  • PRESENT proven strategies for meeting patient expectations and ensuring high scores on satisfaction surveys
  • DISCUSSION of effective strategies for building department teamwork

"YOU Make the Difference!" Workshop for Employees

In this entertaining and informative program, we communicate the importance of service protocols and the scripts that make them come alive.  Through a series of fun activities and exercises we present the easy to remember acronym, C.L.E.A.R. that guides staff through every step of the patient encounter, and is easy for supervisors to manage for. In addition we address telephone etiquette and service recovery in a lively manner that gives the staff confidence in their ability handle challenging situations.

Program Content: (2 hours)

  • Connect:  procedures for greeting and treating patients that make a positive first impression
  • Listen: techniques for making patients feel valued and heard especially when handling complaints or telephone calls
  • Explain: strategies for ensuring that patients go through the visit understanding each step and instruction
  • Ask: scripts to ensure that patients have had all of their questions answered and their needs met
  • Reconnect: techniques for ending the patient encounter and departure on a positive note.

"Managing for Five-Star Service" for Managers and Supervisors

To ensure that all staff members contribute to the goals of the organization, managers must have the skills to motivate, coach and evaluate employees toward greater customer service.  This workshop in management effectiveness is tailored to the needs of working healthcare managers.

Program Content: (4 hours)

  • LEARN powerful strategies that result in employees who are fully engaged, proud of the organization, and passionate about the work they do for patients.
  • LEARN how to use the C.L.E.A.R. service “protocols” taught in the employee workshop to ensure consistent, outstanding service in every department and site.
  • LEARN proven techniques for rewarding top-performers and coaching (disciplining) low-performers.
  • ADOPT useful, practical tools for monitoring staff member performance between surveys.
  • LEARN fool-proof, heart-felt techniques for handling difficult, complaining patients (and providers!)
  • PRODUCE a real-world, useful Action Plan for reaching your goals back on the job.
Lunch & Learn Service Booster!


How Great Patient Experiences Can Earn Big Payer Bonuses

 We are grateful for the Customer Service training with SullivanLuallin and look forward to implementing the feedback and recommendations in our Service Council projects.
Mary Elise Cooper, MPHProject CoordinatorNorth East Medical Services