Physician Recruitment: Recruit for Success!

by Marc Greenwald, MD, FACP Physician recruitment isn’t rocket science – it’s much more complex. We deal with an unbalanced environment where demand for physicians of all types has outpaced the supply. Each of us competes with the rest of us for the best physicians in the marketplace. What can you do to get the […]

In the best practices… Spotlight on Sharp Rees-Stealy

How does a practice raise its patient satisfaction scores for the survey question, “Instructions regarding medication/follow-up care?” It’s particularly challenging in the Urgent Care setting where physicians see many of the same illnesses over and over again. It’s not uncommon for the provider to repeat the same instructions for dealing with colds or the flu, […]

Reducing Patient No-Shows

Q: HOW CAN WE REDUCE NO-SHOWS? A: While some practices are fortunate to have very low no-show rates, others experience a high percentage of no-shows – as many as 40 per cent. The result is lost productivity, wasted time and lost income. Reducing the no-show rate is a matter of helping patients keep their appointments. But […]

7 Strategies for Encouraging Patient Compliance

Take an informal poll of physicians asking them why they wanted to become doctors, and the majority will tell you “because I wanted to help people.” But helping patients is a matter of making it easy for those patients to help themselves. Non-compliance is often cited as a factor in the high cost of healthcare […]


How do the Marines turn a rag tag, disparate group of young recruits into a cohesive unit of soldiers who work together for the good of the cause? Aside from the obvious “tear them down to build them up,” the more subtle strategy is to create in these “employees” a commitment to the organization first […]

Stay on Schedule!

THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW! “Sign in. Have a seat. We’ll call you when the doctor is ready.” That’s the usual response to a patient who has arrived on time for her appointment. The patient, with a look of resignation, trundles off to a seat in the “waiting” room while hoping against hope that the […]

Don’t Be Strangled by Your Phone Lines!

For most practices, the telephone is the lifeline to business. Unfortunately, many doctor groups are being strangled by lines that either take too long to answer, or too often are put on hold. When asked, employees will tell you it’s because there aren’t enough staff members to handle the volume of calls that are coming […]

Mystery Patients: The Secret is OUT!

It’s no surprise that in the retail world major department stores ensure good customer service and employee accountability by engaging “secret” shoppers to report on their experiences with store personnel. Using the same logic, many medical groups are engaging “mystery” patients to report on their experiences with all aspects of a practice visit. While patient […]

Front Office Remodel: Creating a Welcoming Environment

Q: We’re remodeling our office and I’d like to remove the glass window over the reception counter. My staff is adamantly opposed saying that having the glass affords greater patient privacy. I’m torn between wanting the office to have a more inviting feel, and recognizing the threat to confidentiality. What do you think? A: Put yourself […]

Turn Your Survey Data Into an Action Plan: Six Critical Steps

Measuring your service strengths and limitations is the first step toward building new patient volume and qualifying for payer incentives.  For all its detractors, a patient survey is the best way to learn what shines about your practice, and what needs polishing. Too often, survey scores receive only momentary attention – everyone is curious to […]