Simple Tips to Help Doctors Stay on Schedule!

Some physicians are great at staying on schedule, while others wish they could. Here, Meryl Luallin shares some of the physician communication techniques top-scoring providers use to stay on time even through work-ins and “oh by the way’s.” Special thanks to Aubrey Westgate at Physicians Practice for producing the short animated video of simple tips […]

It’s National Community Health Center week!

With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), these vital Community Health Centers also called Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers or FQHCs have seen an influx of newly insured patients, creating challenging conditions for an already burdened institution. Among the difficulties faced by Community Health Centers are chronically ill patients with multiple comorbidities, often cramped […]

Patients who don’t get what they want give low survey scores, right? Wrong!

There’s an old canard continuing to make the rounds among physicians who conduct patient satisfaction surveys and it goes like this: “If I don’t give my patients what they want, (read narcotics or antibiotics) they’ll rate me low on the survey.” As a company that conducts patient satisfaction surveys and shadow coaches low-scoring physicians, we […]

Six Service Essentials for Creating a Culture of Service

As experts in the patient experience, we’ve seen what top “Pay for Performance” hospitals and medical groups do that separate themselves from average, second-tier groups. If you aspire to create a culture of service and deliver an extraordinary care experience, focus on these service essentials which characterize top-scoring, patient-centered organizations: 1. Patient satisfaction is a […]

Physician Score Transparency

Physician Score Transparency What’s All This About Transparency? In Indiana, 750 doctors have agreed to have their “quality” ratings posted on the state’s Health Information Exchange website for easy public access. Thus far the ratings concern only clinical measures, but how long before patient satisfaction scores become part of the scrutiny? For the answer, Google […]

In the best practices… how Sharp Rees-Stealy warms up the patient experience

Unfortunately these days more often than not when patients approach the counter for check-in, they are asked to present a photo ID and their insurance card. This drive toward depersonalization hit it’s lowest point when one Sullivan/Luallin “mystery” patient called a practice to schedule an appointment. The receptionist answered courteously enough, but when the patient […]

Physician Recruitment: Recruit for Success!

by Marc Greenwald, MD, FACP Physician recruitment isn’t rocket science – it’s much more complex. We deal with an unbalanced environment where demand for physicians of all types has outpaced the supply. Each of us competes with the rest of us for the best physicians in the marketplace. What can you do to get the […]

In the best practices… Spotlight on Sharp Rees-Stealy

How does a practice raise its patient satisfaction scores for the survey question, “Instructions regarding medication/follow-up care?” It’s particularly challenging in the Urgent Care setting where physicians see many of the same illnesses over and over again. It’s not uncommon for the provider to repeat the same instructions for dealing with colds or the flu, […]

Reducing Patient No-Shows

Q: HOW CAN WE REDUCE NO-SHOWS? A: While some practices are fortunate to have very low no-show rates, others experience a high percentage of no-shows – as many as 40 per cent. The result is lost productivity, wasted time and lost income. Reducing the no-show rate is a matter of helping patients keep their appointments. But […]